Legit Check - Tela Stella Anorak

The market has recently been exposed to an influx of Chinese made fakes, self proclaiming to be 1:1 perfect replicas. However we have studied the images and taken time to produce ways on how to spot the fakes. Here's how:




Yellow Tela Stella = Ours & Authentic

Red Tela Stella = Fake Example


Fake items will have features as such:

- No joined stitching on the 'Stone Island' badge text.

- Long & chunky drawstrings which protrude down almost to the chest pockets.

- Brand new appearance - Authentic ones are more likely to be worn and faded.

- No dropstitch on the bottom of the badge (Shown on our authentic yellow one).

- Listed for cheap on eBay or similar; if its too good to be true, it likely is.

- Neck label is stitched in with white cotton.


Legit / Authentic Signs:

- Fading to the material which looks true to age and use.

- Small joined stitching on the badge - 'Stone Island' text.

- A small drop stitch on the bottom centre of badge (Shown between 'A' & 'N' on our yellow variant. 

- Shorter and thinner drawstrings.

- Neck label is stitched in with coloured (dark) cotton. 


        Authentic Yellow - Short Slim Strings                                 


            Authentic Yellow - Joined Stitching                                 


          Authentic Green - Coloured Stitching                             



Please use common sense when buying these. Our guide is written to aid, but does not confirm the authenticity. Signs of wear are a good thing. Please remember that just one of the fake signs may mean that the item is legit. Use your own judgement.

If you are in doubt we are happy to help! Contact us on @archivejoy on Instagram.

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